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Birth injuries that are likely to result in cerebral palsy

Most birth injuries can be prevented if the mother and her unborn child are closely monitored during the pregnancy, labor and delivery. If the health care provider fails to provide proper care, thus resulting in injury to the mother and child, then they may be liable for a birth injury lawsuit.

Cerebral palsy is a form of brain injury that occurs when the infant suffers a brain injury during labor or birth. This condition affects the baby’s muscle coordination and posture. Here are some of the injuries that may result in cerebral palsy.

Trauma due to complications during labor or delivery

The process of delivery can be traumatic for the infant. When a mother experiences complications during birth, the midwife or obstetrician may use the vacuum extractor or forceps to help with the delivery. Improper use of either equipment can result in an injury to the baby’s head and brain. The baby may also suffer from oxygen deprivation during birth, increasing the risk of brain damage.

Infections to the mother

An infection that is left untreated can pass from the mother to her unborn baby, resulting in damage to the fetus’ brain.

Medical mistakes that can result in cerebral palsy

Certain medical mistakes can result in cerebral palsy. For instance, if your health care provider fails to monitor or respond to complications that arise during the labor or delivery, then you may pursue a birth injury lawsuit against them. You may file a birth injury lawsuit against the health care provider if the following happens:

  • They failed to provide appropriate prenatal care during labor and delivery
  • They failed to diagnose and treat an infection
  • They neglected the mother during labor or delivery
  • They failed to perform a timely resuscitation of the infant

Nothing can be devastating like learning that your newborn has sustained a brain injury during the delivery. Find out the options you can pursue if the baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy that is related to a birth injury.