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3 ways that brain injuries occur at birth

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2022 | Birth Injuries |

Welcoming a newborn ought to be a moment of joy and excitement. And most often, this is what most parents experience. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this joyous moment to be disrupted by a life-altering yet preventable complication like brain damage. 

If your infant has developed any form of brain damage that is attributable to the healthcare provider’s negligence, you may pursue the liable party for the resulting damages through a birth injury claim. But exactly how do infants suffer brain injuries at birth?

Here are three complications that can increase the risk of brain injury to the fetus. 

1. Problems with the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is the only pathway through which the fetus feeds and receives oxygen. When that cord gets pinched or wrapped around the baby’s neck, that can lead to serious injuries if the condition is not detected and corrected in time during labor or prenatal care. 

2. Untreated infections

Infections are not uncommon during pregnancy. However, if infections like GBS (Group B Strep), chorioamnionitis, E. coli, sepsis, and herpes simplex virus are not diagnosed and treated in time, they might enter the baby’s system during birth and cause injuries to the baby’s central nervous system. Chorioamnionitis and GBS, for instance, can lead to meningitis; and this can damage the baby’s central nervous system. 

3. Vacuum extraction

A vacuum extractor is a cup-like device that is placed on the baby’s head to aid the delivery process. If improperly used, this device can cause a type of birth injury known as subgaleal hemorrhage. This happens when the vacuum extractor damages a vein in the head that eventually bleeds to the brain. Other vacuum extractor-related injuries include stroke, intracranial hemorrhage as well as skull or spinal cord trauma. 

When labor pains kick in, every parent hopes for a safe delivery of a healthy little bundle of joy. Unfortunately, misfortunes happen. If your baby suffers brain damage at birth, you need to pursue justice on their behalf.