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Misdiagnosis And Delayed Diagnosis In Medical Malpractice

Receiving a wrong diagnosis can be just as devastating as a failure to diagnose. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can lead to improper treatment, worsening of the condition and, in severe cases, can be life-threatening. While not every misdiagnosis qualifies as malpractice, you may be eligible for a claim if the issue was the result of a reckless or negligent professional.

At Slater Law, LLC, we are dedicated to helping patients who have suffered due to these critical medical errors. We have more than 40 years of combined experience guiding clients through their medical malpractice claims. As your representation, we can review the unique elements of your claim to determine if your misdiagnosis qualifies as medical malpractice and help you pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

The Serious Consequences Of Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis is unfortunately common and can have dire consequences when the necessary treatment or surgery is delayed or never provided. Every second counts when trying to identify life-threatening illnesses or ailments. The more time it takes to reach an accurate diagnosis, the more time the condition has to worsen. A diagnosis failure can result in a patient suffering more and their illness escalating to devastating or fatal conditions.

A misdiagnosis can happen for any number of reasons, including lack of communication with a patient, failure to properly read test results, lack of education or training, insufficient testing procedures or faulty testing equipment. Whatever the cause, we will be by your side to hold the liable party accountable.

If your symptoms persist or worsen despite treatment, it is crucial to seek a second opinion. Consistent or escalating symptoms can indicate a misdiagnosis. A second opinion can provide a fresh perspective and may uncover the true cause of your health issues. This step is vital to ensuring you receive the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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