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What Is Informed Consent?

If you receive medical treatment or care, doctors and medical workers are required to get your informed consent. This means your care provider must tell you all the potential benefits and risks involved in your procedure whether it be surgical or otherwise. They are also required to provide you with information about alternatives to your procedures. The concept of informed consent is designed to make sure your doctor discloses all the relevant facts to you so you can make an informed decision about your care and treatment.

This process is required by law in West Des Moines and central Des Moines and the state of Iowa in most situations. If your doctor does not get your informed consent before proceeding with a treatment or surgery, and you suffer an injury after the fact, this is solid grounds to file a personal injury claim. At Slater Law, LLC, we have more than 40 years of experience in these matters. We know how to figure out cases involving informed consent and other types of medical malpractice. Our attorneys provide personal service and commitment to your situation.

What Are Your Rights As A Patient?

Part of informed consent means that you have the right to fully comprehend what you are told by your doctor. If your doctor warns you about the procedure and you do not understand what they said, if they are using medical jargon or other words you do not know, you have the right to ask clarifying questions. You do not have to go through with the treatment or procedure until you understand what is happening and you are satisfied with your doctor’s answers.

In this discussion, your doctor should outline:

  • All known diagnoses
  • The purpose and procedure of the treatment
  • Benefits and potential risks that could result from the treatment or procedure
  • All alternatives
  • Risks and benefits of those alternatives

Your doctor must also provide you with a copy of the informed consent documents after you have signed and dated them.

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