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Stopping Assisted Living Facility Malpractice

When most people think of elder care issues, they often think of nursing home abuse or neglect. However, residents in assisted living facilities can also suffer from their caregivers’ negligence. When this happens, swift legal action can make it clear that this harmful behavior is unacceptable. With the help of a skilled Iowa legal team, you can protect your loved one from suffering this harm again.

At Slater Law, LLC, our malpractice lawyers understand the complexities and challenges associated with malpractice in assisted living facilities. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to investigating claims thoroughly and holding negligent caregivers and facilities accountable. We strive to ensure that residents receive the proper care and compensation for any harm suffered due to negligence.

Risks In Assisted Living Facilities

For these claims, it is important to understand the difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. While both provide different levels of care to their residents, assisted living facilities offer more independence, allowing residents to live relatively self-sufficiently as they still receive care from professionals. This care often includes assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and medication management. Nursing homes, on the other hand, provide constant care that caters to individual needs while providing care and supervision.

Despite the independence offered by assisted living facilities, there are many factors that can result in medical malpractice against the residents. With a lack of constant supervision, neglect is a common form of malpractice. If there is a high turnover of staff, it can lead to errors with medication and other medical mistakes. Due to the independence that residents have, slip-and-fall mishaps are much more common in these situations as well.

Seeking Justice For Avoidable Harm

When your loved one suffers from malpractice in their assisted living facility, the facility’s operators may be quick to convince you they aren’t liable or that you should leave lawyers out of this situation. Do not be tricked by their attempts to avoid liability. Instead, let us help you hold them accountable for the harm they allowed and fight to keep anyone else under their care from suffering the same way.

We are prepared to craft a personalized strategy to maximize the compensation your loved one receives for the harm they experienced while minimizing the time it takes to resolve their claim. As we represent you, we will also remain in constant contact with you to answer your questions and concerns.

Let Us Defend Your Loved One

No one should suffer from malpractice in their assisted living home. If it does happen, let our lawyers manage the resulting malpractice claim. Call our Des Moines office at 866-412-5937 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with our team today.